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Welcome to Lyd's Life Skills!

Welcome! I created this blog to share Life Skills I've learned and to inspire your self-sufficiency! Knowledge is Generational Wealth!  I cover topics from home hacks, recipes and travel to finance, with easy-to-use tips and tricks. I am here to empower you to learn the skills to achieve your lifestyle goals.         Happy Learning! 
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Recent posts

Blog Work: Updating your Overflow Page List

  I have been working on the mobile view of my blog. I wanted a more intuitive look to my Page List, it overflows when viewing by blog on mobile - so I updated the "More.." to a better name! "Lyd's Blog Pages"

Travel: Italy & France - Sept 2022

Italy and France - 18 Day Trip - Sept 2022 In 2022 I went to Italy and France! I planned this trip for my mother and I to hit as many sites as possible in 18 days! Here is our full itinerary, trip cost and some photos from our trip too!

Lyd Explains: Finding an Apartment

Looking for a new apartment can be as exciting as it is terrifying. Moving a lot over the last few years, I have learned a few things to make each move less disruptive so I can enjoy! 

Blog Travel Page

My Travel Page!  Here is a collection of my recent travels and my favorite travel blog posts, including links to my TripAdvisor page!

Travel: Tampa, FL - Ybor Cigar Heritage Festival

This weekend is the Ybor City Cigar Heritage Festival!! 

Recipe: Coquito - Spiced Coconut Drink

Fall is here!! So it's time to make Coquito - this spiced coconut-based drink and flavorful and great hot or cold. 

Lyd's Life Skills Worksheets

  These are a collection of the worksheets I built to organize my life.  A week planner to keep me on track but give me the space to not feel pressured in the week.  Budgeting and grocery shopping guides to help me keep my finances in check, especially when I go to the grocery store.  Travel planning worksheets to make regular travel attainable for me by helping me plan and pack for trips. 

Lyd Explains: Basic Weather Emergency Prep

Hurricane Season is upon us! So I wanted to share an emergency prep post. Hurricane season in the southern US is June to November and I always like to refresh my supplies for the new season.

Lyd's Life Skills Workshops

In Lyd’s Life Skills Workshops, we will build your life skills in self-sufficiency, in a safe space to ask questions and learn. I provide the basics and complete the activities with you, teaching you along the way.

Travel: Tampa Taco Festival - Al Lopez Park

This weekend my mother and I went to Tampa Taco Fest!