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Travel Money Chat - Part 4 of 6: Hotels & Other Lodging

Cost is the #1 Reason people don't travel, so let’s unpack it with Travel Money Chat! In this post let's talk about spending smart when picking hotels for your trips. 

Travel cost transparency is a cornerstone of my travel blog. In every blog post, I share a full breakdown of what I spent on my trips. Cost of travel isn't talked about enough! We see vacations all over social media but have no idea what they spent to get there. That stops here, In this 6 part series, I'll share exactly how you can spend intentionally on your travels. 

Hotels & Other Lodging 

Deciding where to stay can make or break your trip! Staying near transportation and activities will save you travel time BUT could also cost more. Here are my favorite money-saving hotel tips to make the most of my hotel stay: 
  • Pick a hotel in the location near your planned activities and city transportation, ALWAYS check the hotel address when booking, esp. on 3rd party sites
  • Bring a travel buddy to split hotel costs with! 
  • Save money with hotel amenities - eat a hotels free breakfast or use their free airport shuttle service to save on rideshare costs 
  • πŸŽ‡Stick with a hotel brand for rewardsπŸŽ‡ - I pool my hotel reward points for a lower hotel stay rate and use cashback programs for stays to save even more on hotel costs. 
My Secret is Stacking these Savings, It will save you hundreds on your trip! I'm a Hiton Hotel Girlie so I use the app to compare hotels and book direct. I pick a hotel based on its location and price first, then by the amenities included that can save money. Then I'll use points to lower by hotel cost to just above the amount needed to get a cash back reward to save even more!

Travel Cost Awareness gives you the power to know where your travel funds are going so you can decide where to spend the most on your trip! Now you are ready to explore the world and save money while you do it!

Happy Travels!! - Lydia

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The Grand Canyon, Arizona

Thanks for Reading & Happy Travels!