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Travel Money Chat - Part 2 of 6: Bank Accounts & Credit Cards

Cost is the #1 Reason people don't travel, so let’s unpack it with Travel Money Chat! In this post we will chat about travel bank accounts and credit cards.  
Travel cost transparency is a cornerstone of my travel blog. In every blog post, I share a full breakdown of what I spent on my trips. Cost of travel isn't talked about enough! We see vacations all over social media but have no idea what they spent to get there. That stops here, In this 6 part series, I'll share exactly how you can spend intentionally on your travels. 

Bank Accounts & Credit Cards

Money is your most important tool on your travels! Protect it by selecting a good bank account and credit card that are made for traveling! 

Having a πŸŽ‡separate travel bank accountπŸŽ‡will ensure that if you lose your travel account, you can still pay your rent and bills at home. Make sure the bank you pick has no foreign transaction charges or non-home-bank ATM fees, or at least reimburses them to you. 

A travel credit card is needed for paying deposits, like for hotels and car rentals. Credit cards are also good to have on hand as "emergency cash". There are MANY travel credit cards to pick from. Make sure yours has the following: 
  • No non-home-bank ATM fees or has the reimbursement of these fees 
  • No foreign transaction fees 
  • justifiable annual fee, that can be balanced by card benefits 
  • Travel rewards - airport lounge access, travel insurance or a travel reward program!
Travel reward programs offer points (based on your spending) to use towards flights, hotels or another travel service. Pick a program that will give you the most value. I love road trips SO I do not always fly to my destination, but I ALWAYS use hotels, so a hotel travel credit card and rewards program fit my needs! 

Now that you have your travel credit and bank card be mindful of fees charged abroad when using them. Look out for ATM conversion fees! this is an ATM charging you fees for withdrawing funds POST conversion - this process question makes no sense to me as you will only be able to withdraw funds in the local currency. Be sure to select πŸŽ‡"decline the conversion"πŸŽ‡when withdrawing funds to avoid this charge. Here are some additional tips for withdrawing funds abroad. 

Your travel accounts are your most valuable asset for your travels, Pick a good one and the benefits will pay off! 

Travel Cost Awareness gives you the power to know where your travel funds are going so you can decide where to spend the most on your trip! Now you are ready to explore the world and save money while you do it!

Happy Travels!! - Lydia

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Thanks for Reading & Happy Travels!