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Travel Money Chat - Part 3 of 6: Flights, Trains and Road Trips

Cost is the #1 Reason people don't travel, so let’s unpack it with Travel Money Chat! In this post we will talk about saving money when booking your main transportation to your destination.
Travel cost transparency is a cornerstone of my travel blog. In every blog post, I share a full breakdown of what I spent on my trips. Cost of travel isn't talked about enough! We see vacations all over social media but have no idea what they spent to get there. That stops here, In this 6 part series, I'll share exactly how you can spend intentionally on your travels. 

Transportation to Your Destination

Flights are the most common method of travel. It may not be the easiest, or cheapest but it is normally the fastest. Flights are packed with different charges and fees so here is how I like to save money on flights
  • Book in advance and have flexible dates for the most options. More options = more prices to choose from
  • Take the time to πŸŽ‡shop aroundπŸŽ‡ different airlines rates - be sure to compare the total "final" cost (with fees and luggage) when comparing airlines. Budget airlines are not always the cheapest because of additional fees. Vet Budget Airlines by comparing their total cost after luggage AND their daily flight options so you have a backup if their flight is delayed. 
  • Pack Light - Travel "carry-on-only" or "personal-item-only" to avoid checked or carry-on baggage fees, these add up as they charge you each way.  
  • Check if your airport has pre-paid discount airport parking, 15% or more adds up on longer trips when you leave your car for more than a few days. 
Consider a road trip or train travel if your destination is close or well connected by a train system. For me, taking a road or train trip is so much more relaxing and less anxiety inducing. Compare the cost and timing of flights, road trips and train travel, if available, to decide which is best for your trip. 

I will also πŸŽ‡combine these methods of travel on one tripπŸŽ‡to make the most of the cost of air travel. Example, If you fly to Seattle, consider taking the train to Vancouver Canada or Portland, OR since these cities are well connected by the train system. Enjoy 2 cities for the flight price of one! 

How to Calculate Gas for A Road Trip:
    (Miles to Destination) X(multiplied by) 2 - Divided by MPG (car miles per gallon) 
    Then take that X(multiplied by) Cost Per Gallon Of Gas 
    This will = the Cost of Gas for your trip (I like to add 10% as a buffer) 

Getting to your destination is usually one of the most expensive parts of your trip so saving money here will have a HUGE impact on your travel budget! 

Travel Cost Awareness gives you the power to know where your travel funds are going so you can decide where to spend the most on your trip! Now you are ready to explore the world and save money while you do it!

Happy Travels!! - Lydia

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Space Needle View of Seattle, Washington

Thanks for Reading & Happy Travels!