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Travel Money Chat - Part 6 of 6: Transportation at Your Destination

Cost is the #1 Reason people don't travel, so let’s unpack travel costs with Travel Money Chat! This post is about spending money on transportation at your destination. 
Travel cost transparency is a cornerstone of my travel blog. In every blog post, I share a full breakdown of what I spent on my trips. Cost of travel isn't talked about enough! We see vacations all over social media but have no idea what they spent to get there. That stops here, In this 6 part series, I'll share exactly how you can spend intentionally on your travels. 

Local Transportation at Your Destination 

Local transportation costs are one of the most overlooked travel costs.  These can add up quickly if you don't keep an eye on them! Here is how I keep these costs low:
  • πŸŽ‡Metro Day PassesπŸŽ‡ - these are a pass that you buy to have unlimited access to public transportation for a set amount of time for a flat rate. These are my favorite way to get around a big city! make sure you learn the rules for using and documenting these passes. 
  • Included Hotel Shuttles - some hotels will take you to and from the airport for free! and may also take you within a certain millage range of the hotel. This perk can save you from busy-time surges and limited availability of rideshares. 
  • Visit attractions in the same area back-to-back, so the attractions are closer together, then you can walk and may not even need paid transportation between them. 
Now you are ready to explore the city and be a pro at getting around!

Travel Cost Awareness gives you the power to know where your travel funds are going so you can decide where to spend the most on your trip! Now you are ready to explore the world and save money while you do it!

Happy Travels!! - Lydia

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Thanks for Reading & Happy Travels!