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Lyd Explains: Personal Goals

Each season I review and update my personal goals!  I love having a list to keep me motivated each day.

Stress and frustration are huge distractions from remembering what you are working for and want in life. Checking in on your goals list keeps you focused on what is ahead for you!

In this post I'm going to share my personal goals and help you write your own!

#1 Rule of Goals: 
Goals can be what ever you want them to be! Think about what is important to you and what you want. Be selfish. These goals are for you! #treatyoself
Big Goals into Mini Goals:
Break big goals down into smaller steps to put on a time line. Listing out the smaller steps that lead to your big goals make them more easily attainable.
        Example: Take a goal that you want to achieve in 3 years and break it down into steps you can accomplish each year or season to build up to that goal.
        I want to speak French and Spanish, so I broke that goal down into me practicing every week this year but next year my goal is to be speaking it at least 2 times a week.
Don't overload yourself:
Keep you work and personal time commitments in mind as you build your goals. If you think you are overloading yourself take a step back and prioritize your timeKnow your limits and work efficiently within them.
Keep in Touch:
Read your goals daily to stay on track and keep them in the front of your mind. Also don't forget you can change them as much as you want too. Keeping them fresh with your interests will keep them exciting. I put my goals up in frames with craft paper. I post them in common spaces in the house like the bathroom and bedroom. This makes sure I see them everyday.
Be Patient: 
Never forget as long as you stay on track you will get there! Go at your own pace. Goals are supposed to be fun and rewarding not a drain on your soul.

Here is my current list of Personal Goals:
Now: 2019
- Work out at least 2 times a week
- Practice French and Spanish at least 3 times a week
- Travel or plan large local activity monthly
- Following credit card debt plan
- Save at least 50$ per month for long-term
1 Year: 2020
- Planning and pay for an international trip in 2021
- Save $1000 for ETF trading
- Save $200 per month for long-term needs
- Speaking French and Spanish a minimum of 2 times a week
2 Years: 2021
- International travel annually
- Visit 2 new states annually
- Saving at least $300 per month for long-term needs
- All credit card debt eliminated
3 Years: 2022
- Work on eliminating all school loans
- Save minimum of $400 a month for long-term

Thanks for reading! Have fun knocking out your goals!


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