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Chrysler Museum of Art and Glass Studio

I love visiting museums when I travel! Especially glass art museums. When I decided to visit Virginia Beach and looking for things to do I found the Chrysler Museum of Art!

Opened in 1933, It has one of the largest collections of glass art in the United States. It is not only recognized for number of objects, +30,000, but also the diversity of age of the artifacts and art types. They have paintings, sculptures and artifacts from a range of 5,000 years. They also have a glass studio on site with free glass blowing demonstrations. Best of all it has free parking and admission all year long!

I had an absolute blast and was in awe of how many types and glass making techniques I saw. Glass art is so special to me because it was a shared interest between me, my mother and grandmother. I love its simplicity in composition (sand, minerals and rock) compared to some of the most extravagant glass creations I have seen.

Here is a link to checkout the site for yourself! And photos below of some of my favorite pieces from the museum too!