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Lyd Explains: A Local Day Out

This year I made a plan to keep track of the activities and restaurants that I want to try in my local city Pittsburgh. In this post we will review the steps and materials I used to create my "Day Out" board so you can enjoy your own! I've also included tips on planing activities to save you money and what to take with you on your "Day Out".

Fun Fact: 95% of people in the US have on average about 20 hours of leisure time per week (excluding the average amount of time spent watching TV). Why not spend it crossing things off of your "Day Out" list?

To stay on top of my list I keep my ideas organized on colorful sticky notes in my kitchen. The information you put on the notes makes it easy to scan your ideas when you are itching to get out of the house.

Materials: Craft paper, colorful sticky notes, markers and pens

Crafting your board:
- Pick a space that you look at every day to put your board on. I chose my kitchen. Your hallway, entryway or bedroom are also great ideas. Putting your board in a space you see everyday helps to keep your ideas fresh in your mind.
- Craft yourself a fun header for your board to catch your attention throughout the week.
I created a header by printing "A Day Out" in an interesting font then pasted it on to some of my favorite craft paper.

Finding Activities:
I love to look through local magazines, social media and search online for activities. I have also subscribed to local news blasts and ticket sites that promote events. I highly recommend using coupon sites to find discounts. When in doubt internet search "Things to do in -your city-". Every time I search I find something new!

Information to Put on your Notes:
As you research activities take note of the following on your sticky note. Doing this prep allows you to not worry about finding this info when you are deciding what to do that weekend.
- activity name or title
- distance and location in city
- time needed to do the activity
- any special materials needed
- cost total for the activity - add up ticket, food and transportation estimated costs. I round up to the next 10$ when reviewing prices.

I regularly text or email ideas to myself on activities I think of on the fly. Don't worry about having all the info to make a note. I have plenty of unfinished notes on my board for ideas I had but haven't researched yet.

If planning a drinking tour be sure to account for the cost of a ride share or gift to your designated driver. When tickets are needed for an activity create a calendar reminder to buy tickets a month or so before the event. Include the link to the event site and cost of the tickets in the reminder.

Here is my ever growing list! If you are in  Pittsburgh try a few. I will also cover these in my blog as I do them this summer!

Before I got out for an activity I like to be prepared. My essentials on a day out are suited to my specific needs and wants. I take a small cross the shoulder bag or small backpack for a day with a lot of walking. My favorites are a mini fist aid kit with added feminine items, cocoa butter stick (this works as gloss and lotion), wallet (with 20$ emergency cash), sunglasses/hat, charging chord/bank, brush, deodorant, gum and a mini bottle of perfume. When packing for a day out think about items you use daily or that you may need in the environment of your activity (example: bottled water or closed toe shoes). Be sure to check the weather so you can dress appropriate. If traveling alone I always recommend telling someone where you will be.

Thanks for reading! I hope your "Day Out" board helps you clean up your local bucket list! Comment below about the activities you do in your city or special ideas you used for your board.

Fun Fact Source: American Time Use Survey 2017