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Travel: How I Make Airport Travel Easy

Airports can be overwhelming with different terminals, baggage areas and even different levels to navigate! Here is how I make airport travel easier for me, so I am more comfortable on my travels. 

Pre-Pay for Airport Parking
Your home airport may let you pre-pay for parking AND give you a discount. I use this often at my home airport of Tampa, Florida. I have saved +$20 when staying that the airport for a week by pre-paying.

Review the Airport Layout & Social Media 
I will check the airports social media/website for delays and construction updates that may impact me parking or getting to my gate. I check the layout of the airport in advance, so I can plan my route to my gate, food options and an airport lounge.

Flight Tracking with Flight Aware
Flight Aware tracks commercial flights, so I love using this site to see if my flight is on time, especially for flight connections. You can also see gate changes before an airline announces them via this site. 

Location Trackers 
A locator tag will give you piece of mind during travel. Not only do they show you where your carry on, checked bag or wallet are at all times. You can also share these with your family and travel buddies, to track your items and you. I also use the one in my luggage to easily navigate back to my hotel when traveling. These are a must!

Global Entry & TSA Pre-check
Going through security checks can be time consuming, especially on a busy airport day. You can get through these checks faster with TSA Pre-Check (domestic airport pre-screening) and Global Entry (returning to United States customs pre-screening). These services often have shorter lines and less checks to go through them. They are a great investment in your ease of travel. 

Airport Lounges
Some airports have private areas where you can wait for your flight. They have a wide spectrum of amenities like free food and drinks, showers, work areas and gyms but some only have a seating area and plugs for your electronics.  Access to these lounges can be purchased or included in credit card benefits. I love using these to grab a (free) meal before an international flight, when I like to be at the airport early. 

Packing Tips
Here are my favorite essentials I pack for my trip! My motto is pack light, replaceable and intentional, so I can be flexible on my travels. 
  • On electronics, I'll bring ear plugs and pre-load my tablet with content, so I don't need internet on the plane. 
  • Organize your bags with vacuum bags or packing cubes. Packing cubes are my favorite because they don't need extra equipment (a vacuum) and come in many sizes. 
  • In my toiletries I'll also pack laundry items like laundry soap, drier sheets and a lint roller. I take powder or solid sheet laundry soap for ease of travel. 
  • I also like to bring items for my excursions like a small backpack and re-usable water bottle, mine is collapsable.

These tips have made me an airport pro! Now you can navigate this step of your travels with ease and be on to your destination, Happy Travels!