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A Tour of Mexico - 12 Days & 5 Cities

I went to Mexico!! And got to see so much for my first trip! My boyfriend and were invited to a wedding so we decided to add a few stops to make a 12-day 5-city trip.

We got to eat and see so many wonderful things like visit a few of the +120 museums in Mexico City, eat Huitlacoche (corn fungus that is delicious - tastes like mushrooms) and enjoy the cultural park of Xcaret that celebrates the cenotes and wildlife of Mexico along with its pre-hispanic (Aztec) and current day diversity of culture. 

I was amazed by the amount of Mexican culture we were able to experience in the food and activities. I already have a list of things I want to do when we go back. I was also surprised by how short the trip was to travel to Mexico. 3 hours to Mexico City and 2 hours to Playa Del Carmen from Florida, traveling felt shorter than I thought it would be. My last international trip was to Italy & France, that was an 8-hour flight and significant time difference. A 2–3-hour flight for an international trip was a nice change-up!

This post has all of the goodies from my trip! Photos, everything we did and ate, my feelings on transportation and safety, what transportation we used and of course at the end of the blog post I have a cost breakdown/itinerary for you to use to plan your travels too!

Trip Summary

We did so much on our trip over 12 days, we covered 5 cities across Mexico: Mexico City - Cuernavaca - Taxco - Tepoztlan - Playa Del Carmen. Here is everything we did! I'll share photos on all of these items too

  • Mexico City - Stayed in the Centro Historico
    • MUPE, Museo del Perfume
    • Bank of Mexico Museum 
    • El Moro Churros
    • Bakery - Pastelería Ideal
    • Restaurante - Café De Tacuba 
    • Restaurante - El Cardenal 
    • Círculo Mexicano - Hotel Rooftop Bar
    • Zocalo - Mexico City Main Square
    • Archaeological Site - Templo Mayor de México-Tenochtitlan
    • Restaurante - Prime Steak Club
    • City Ciclo-Taxi Ride
    • Restaurante -  Hong King - China Town
    • Chapultepec Castle - National History Museum
    • Restaurante - Salon Familiar La Mascota Cantina
  • Tepoztlan - a day trip to a town known for mountain views, street murals, a vertical hike to pyramid and pre-hispanic foods like amaranth. 
    • Restaurante - La Colorina 
    • Casa Chinelín - Mexican Art
    • Tepoznieves Ice Cream 
  • Taxco - day trip to a town known for silver mining and their pink marble cathedral 
    • Street Markets 
    • Silver Stores Shopping 
    • Church of Santa Prisca de Taxco
    • Restaurante - Bar Pizza Acerto
  • Cuernavaca Wedding Venue - 2-day wedding at Fiesta Americana Resort 
    • 2 Day wedding activities (Friday and Saturday) 
    • Spa Day - facial, scrub and massage at hotel Spa
  • Playa Del Carmen - Xcaret Mexico cultural park and enjoyed the strip of Fifth Avenue
    • Xcaret Park - cenotes, chocolate class, wildlife/culture parks and Mexico cultural show
    • Fifth Avenue
    • Aldo's Gelato
    • Hotel Rooftop Bar and Restaurant for Lunch
    • Quinta Alegría Shopping Mall - F1 Experience 
    • Restaurante - Trattoria del Centro

A Few Tips for Mexico

I love traveling to a new city! but I always learn a few new things when I get there. You might want to consider the following when you go too! 

  • Altitude and air quality differences - I love in Florida at 0 elevation so it took me a day or so to adjust to the elevation and air quality differences between beach life and a large city.
  • It's not recommended to drink the tap water, if you are not used to the biome. The opposite of this is your hotel water may have more chlorine or bleach than your used to at home. 
  • For some public restrooms you need to pay to use them, we were recommended to use restaurant bathrooms instead of public restrooms. 
  • Research common tourist scams before you go so you are aware. Trust your gut! Make sure you are being charged in Mexican Pesos not US Dollars when you pay, we didn't have this issue on our trip. 
  • It's normal to see police and security on the street and in other public places. This can be an adjustment if you are not used to this. 
  • A few locals told us the best time to go is after December because September to December is the cities busy season. We will definitely come back in March or April next time.  

Photos from Our Trip!

Flight to Mexico - we flew from Orlando to Mexico City so at the Orlando airport we used my Priority Pass membership (included with my travel credit card) for the airport lounge. At the Club MCO we got free food and drinks along with a nice spot in the sun to relax before our flight. 

We landed in Mexico City in the afternoon and Ubered to the hotel. We stayed in the Centro Historico area of Mexico City so we could walk to almost everything we had planned. We stayed at the Centro Historico Hilton Hampton Inn, loved the location and the hotel room was nice. 

Many buildings in Mexico City don't have windows because the buildings are side by side. They solve this with amazing sky lights. We saw this in our hotel and many museums and restaurants we visited.

In Mexico City we did and saw so much! 

MUPE, Museo del Perfume - this was so interactive with scents of the ingredients and history of perfume. They had a whole room for Chanel! I've always wanted to see the bottles from the commercials in person! 

The museum also covered the science of perfume with an atrium of flowers used for perfume ingredients. They also had a recreation of Cleopatras perfume! it was strong and more masculine than I imagined but it smelled pretty good. 

El Moro Churros - these churros are a staple in Mexico City. Here they make fresh churros and hot chocolate. I loved the vibe and decor in the restaurant! I ordered my hot chocolate with a scoop of ice cream. 


While we walked around the city, I was searching for where you could see the sinking of the City of Mexico. Mexico City was built on a lake by the Aztecs. As the population grew, they added more land and eventually filled in the lake. As the population has continued to grow it adds more weight onto the earth and the increase in population drains the water in the aquafer supporting the city. Earthquakes are also common in Mexico, amplifying the issues of the city sinking. 

Here you can see the line of building trim sinking and curving horizontally in the middle since the ground is sinking. When you walk in the city, you'll see lifted sidewalks with steps to bridge the gaps. These are side effects of the city sinking and earthquakes. 

The frequency of earthquakes also birthed a solution. Many of the buildings (even the Aztec pyramids in the city) are made of this beautiful volcanic stone that's used because it is resistant to earthquakes. 

I loved seeing all of the amazing architecture in the historical buildings! The city has a beautiful mix of European inspired and Aztec buildings. Below are the Palacio de Bellas Artes and the Museo Nacional de Arte, art museums. 


National Bank of Mexico Museum - We stopped here for their free art exhibition and a financial literacy game! I love learning life skills and was excited to learn some in Mexico. 


Pastelería Ideal - This bakery was an amazing experience. There are a few locations across Mexico City. To purchase you grab a tray and tongs and walk around the tables of baked goods. To pay, someone packs your items and gives you a slip for the register. Nothing had a price label but it was very well priced when we checked out. We got 4 items for 40 pesos, $2.19 US dollars. 

Café De Tacuba - This restaurant was my boyfriends pick because there is a band named after the restaurant and street here. The restaurant is also very popular and highly rated. I loved the beautify skylight and we got more Cafe de Olla. Coffee brewed with cinnamon is very common here, even our Hampton Inn free breakfast had it. I was so happy to try this at home. 

The tamales were one of my favorite meals from the trip. The chicken inside was delicious and the masa (corn) was so soft and flavorful. I'll Definity be stopping here next time, they are also famous for their mole.  

El Cardenal - this famous restaurant was another one of my boyfriend's picks! the food was delicious - we had stuffed peppers, cheese with squash blossoms, pork and steak tacos. I also tried a new drink, lemonade and chia seeds, it felt like a take on boba and I love boba. It was very good. Note: this was the first meal where we realized we may have been ordering too much food. 😅 

Zocalo (main square) and Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral - the square was blocked off and the giant Mexican flag in the middle removed for protests, but it was a beautiful square. They had decorations up for Mexico's Independance Day! 


Archaeological Site - Templo Mayor de México-Tenochtitlan built in 1325, destroyed and buried by the Spanish in 1521 and was excavated from 1933 to 1978 with more ongoing work today. The Spanish used stones from this Tenochtitlan capital pyramid for the Cathedral next to it about 50 yards away. 

Círculo Mexicano - Hotel Rooftop - It was highly recommended that we enjoy one of the rooftop bars around the Zocalo. We ended up at this one because our original selection looked sketchy and locals told us not to go (#trustthelocals).  After searching for a bit we found this beautiful building with a hotel, restaurant shops and this amazing rooftop bar. If we decide to stay in Centro Historico again, I think we will try for this hotel. Great music and drinks with awesome views!


Mexico City is built on a lake and the lake is surrounded by beautiful mountains. These are difficult to see from the city center because of distance, weather and air pollution. I was so happy to stay up early and catch the sunrise behind the mountains before the mountains hid away for the day. 

Prime Steak Club - We had the Wagyu fondue and Yuzu octopus - it was delicious!

City Ciclo-Taxi Ride - We used the bike cart taxis to get around too! These were the same price as an Uber but were able to use the bike lanes, so we got there much faster since there was a ton of traffic. Keep your valuables in the cart at all times and my poncho came in handy in the rain. I would definitely use these again for short/moderate distances. 

Dinner - Hong King - Mexico City has it's own China Town! The decorations in the area were beautiful and there were many restaurants. I came here to eat some dumplings, we had some at Hong King and they were pretty good!  

Chapultepec Castle - Museum of National History. This castle built over 1785 to 1864 is on the highest point in Mexico City, upon a sacred Aztec location. It has been home to monarchs, presidents and other government uses and since February 1939, it has been the National Museum of History.

After our stay in Mexico City, we took a 2-hour taxi ride to Cuernavaca! for our days trips that were part of the wedding festivities and day trips to Taxco and Tepoztlan. We stayed at the Fiesta Americana Resort. It was a beautiful property that was a sugar cane factory. I loved our room, it had an amazing balcony.

Tepoztlan - on Wednesday we took a day trip to a town known for many things like mountain views, delicious ice cream, street murals, a vertical hike to pyramid and pre-hispanic foods like amaranth. 

Here is one of the mountains you can see from the city center, then atop of it is Tepozteco Pyramid an Aztec pyramid built in the1400s to the 1500s. 


La Colorina - a locals favorite restaurant where I got to try 2 things on my food list. I also had some Mezcal!
  • Huauzontles - a pre hispanic plant, like amaranth, that's used to make patties or how I had it fried in a batter and stuffed with cheese. I ate it by using my fork to scrape off the seeds.  
  • Huitlacoche - a black fungus that effects kernels of planted corn, it's considered a delicacy. I was afraid it was going to taste like blue cheese but it tasted like mushrooms to me, so I really liked it!

Town Murals

Casa Chinelín - Mexican Art - I took that little white one home with me!

Tepoznieves - Famous chain with an endless menu of ice creams and sorbets with classic flavors to very locally found fruits and exotic combinations. Here is the original location. The ice cream shop also had a lot of beautiful art, especially the painting on the founding of Mexico City. 

Taxco - A day trip to a town known for silver mining and the lavish local pink marble cathedral Church of Santa Prisca de Taxco build from the wealth of the towns industry in silver mining. The town is covered with silver jewelry stores. We went slightly off of the main square to get a good price and a more personal shop. 

Church of Santa Prisca de Taxco


Siver Stores Shopping - these bracelets ranged from $30 to $60 each - There were countless bracelets, earing and other jewelry in each of the stores and there were countless stores around the main square. 


Street Churros 

Street Market - It is not recommended to enjoy things in the local market if your body is not used to the biome BUT I took the risk with this fresh coconut milk. We did see a lot of cut fruit and other open ready to eat items out for sale, I wasn't comfortable trying those items. I tried the coconut because it was on ice, had a covered packaged straw and in these food bags I've seen other street food be served in. It was the most delicious and fresh coconut milk I have ever had!

Restaurante Bar Pizza Acerto - Italian restaurant famous for its views of the town square and church, the corn soup was good too!

After the wedding we taxied back to Mexico City then jumped on a plane to Cancun to visit Playa Del Carmen - We enjoyed Xcaret Mexico cultural park (cenotes, chocolate making class, animal and culture parks, cultural show) and enjoyed the shopping and restaurant strip of Fifth Avenue of Playa del Carmen.

ADO Bus - We took the ADO bus from the airport to downtown Playa Del Carmen - It was so easy to buy tickets at the airport kiosks and bus stations. I loved that this transportation was easy to book, reliable (some routes - like Playa Del Carmen- runs every 30 minutes) and a great price. We paid about 12$ per person per way. Ubers are not allowed to pickup at the Airport and a taxi would have been easily 2-4x as much and possible a hassle.  

Note: Make sure you have a plan before you leave the airport baggage area. As soon as you leave the baggage claim you may be swarmed by timeshare, taxi, rental car and travel package sales. It can be very overwhelming so have a plan before you enter that space. It was recommended that we avoid taxis and car rentals so the ADO bus was perfect! 

Our Hotel was The Fives Playa Downtown Hilton - it had a beautiful Hotel Rooftop Bar and Restaurant that we loved for lunch. Being a Hilton member, I got a lot of perks here, included room upgrade, hotel restaurant credit, free drinks from 5p-6p, %20 discount in the rooftop restaurant from 6p-10p, weekly bar classes and access to the spa's hydro-circuit (sauna, hot tub, cold plunge). We really only got to enjoy this hotel for a day. We will definitely be staying here again to use those perks! 


Fifth Avenue - the famous strip of hotels, bars and restaurants, Some of them were very extravagant!

Aldo's Gelato

Quinta Alegría Shopping Mall - F1 Experience 

Xcaret Mexico cultural park (cenotes, chocolate making class, animal and culture parks, cultural show)

The park is famous for the cenotes course that run for ~700 yards. I am still working with the park to get our cenote photos. You scan your wristband then take photos in the water and other spots in the park. We got this with our Xcaret ticket package!

 Danza de los Voladores (Dance of the Flyers), or Palo Volador (Pole Flying) and is a ritual performed by Mayans in both Mexico and Guatemala.

Across the park are aviaries and other exhibits including archaeological ruins. Many areas also celebrate the art, culture and history of Mexico, even in the food.

Chocolate Making Class - included in park admission. 

Each evening there is a cultural performance about the history of Mexico and the wonderful diversity in the regions of Mexico. When I told people I was going to this park this was the show they were so amazed by! It is a very well done 2 hour production with Aztec games being played Purépecha (like hockey with fire balls played at night) and Ullamaliztli (where you use your hips to get a large rubber ball through a hoop in the air). 

Many states and regions of Mexico also shared their traditions, songs and dances. 

This show was amazing! and a wonderful display of Mexican culture and heritage. It was wonderful to experience so many of the traditions and music that Mexico is proud of.

Cost Review

Here is the total cost for our trip! broken down by what we spent the most on as well. I like to compare trips by the cost per person per day, on this trip we spent $240 per person per day. One of the more expensive trips I've been on but we got to see and do so much!! 

Looking back, I think we spent more than we thought on food and shopping. It was difficult adjusting to the concept that most menu items were meals, not a la cart items like in the United States. Here's an example - I saw on the menu green mole, huitlacoche and the amaranth cake. I assumed it would be a small bowl of mole, corn and the cake. Each of these items were a meal with beans and tortillas!! even the green mole came with 2 chicken breasts. It took is some time to adjust to the meal styles and portions. 

General Mexico Transportation & Safety

Was Mexico safe? this is one of the most common questions I've received. I would say yes BUT I also now completely understand why people have concerns. Specifically concerns about scams and constantly being sold to because people can tell you are a tourist. The vibe of watching out for this is what made me unconfirmable at times. I didn't have a fear that someone was going to rob or hurt me. 

Here are some tips of how I watched out for my safety and comfortability on the trip:

  • I only went to recommended or known safe areas and in a group/with my boyfriend.
  • When on the street, I didn't have my iPhone out or wear flashy jewelry. I also had a cross body fanny bag so my items were safe from pickpockets. 
  • When I did need to show someone my phone, I held onto it, securely - If anything this is more a sign to the other person that you are being mindful. I didn't give my phone to someone to take photos, selfies are plenty. 
  • Limited our use of taxis, we felt safer in Ubers. Cancun airport doesn't allow Ubers to pick you up at the airport so to avoid taxis we took a well-known tourism bus, ADO. 

On the things that made me uncomfortable (not unsafe) because I am not used to them. In Mexico, it is common for street vendors to walk up and sell to you (we saw very few only begging for money). This was abnormal to me as an American, I'm used to my personal space. In Playa del Carmen, taxis like to try charging you more and I felt constantly being up-sold in restaurants (being pressured to by more alcohol or food). I was also bothered by the constant pressure of people asking for tips (or additional ones) like on the bus and to tip extra at restaurants.

This was more of a mental hassle for me, I want to be on vacation, not be worried that someone is trying to rip me off. I now get why people do gated all-inclusive resorts (and only hotel planned excursions) here. It's a beautiful place, great views, wonderful service and the resorts mostly shield you from the things I mentioned.  

I want to share a "pro" within my cons, "haggling". In craft shops, open markets and taxis you can haggle! We haggled in the silver shops of Taxco because we purchased many items. Be intentional where you haggle, and you can get a good deal.

There were political protests in Mexico City during our trip. The city is covered with monuments and historical and cultural treasures. So unfortunately, many of them were closed and blocked for the few days we were there. You'll see steel walls up around some monuments in my photos. The protests were scheduled, had a planned route and heavily policed so we weren't worried about them during the day. One night, a protest on our street led us to stay in but the hotel workers weren't as concerned as we were. The city did remove the huge Mexican flag from the Zocalo, so I missed the photo I wanted with it. The largest impact to our trip was closed museums and roads during our stay. 

Will I go back to Mexico, 1000% especially because I am more comfortable with what I've learned (and now have better expectations) from this trip! 

Detailed Itinerary 

Below is all of the details from our trip! With hotels, restaurant and activity names and addresses/websites (if applicable) and what we spend on everything! I hope these details help you plan your own trip to Mexico. 

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions send me a message on Instagram (@lydslifeskills) or email me and I'd love to answer your question and add that topic to this blog. 

Happy Travels! 

9/30/2023TransportationTampaTravel to Orlando
SaturdayFoodAirport Lounge for Lunch
Flights1:37 PMOrlandoAEROMEXICO Flight Number AM 123 - Confirmation #ABCDEFG$ 493.66
Flights3.5 hrs
*CST2:15 PMMexico CityArrival in Mexico City
TransportationTaxi from Airport to Hotel$ 20.00
Hotel3:00 PMMexico CityHampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Mexico City - Centro Historico$ 385.00
HotelConfirmation #1234567 - 3 Nights
HotelCalle 5 de Febrero, No. 24 Centro Historico
HotelMexico City DIF 06060 MX
FoodAzul Restaurant Centro - ISABEL LA CATÓLICA 30, CENTER, CP 06000 CDMX$ 110.00
10/1/2023ActivitiesMexico CityMUPE, Museo del Perfume - C. de Tacuba 12, Colonia Centro, Area 2, Centro$ 7.78
SundayActivitiesBank of Mexico Museum - Av. 5 de Mayo 2, Centro Histórico de la Cdad. de México, Centro
FoodEl Moro - Eje Central Lázaro Cárdenas 42, Centro Histórico de la Cdad. de México, Centro$ 14.06
ActivitiesPastelería Ideal - República de Uruguay 74, Centro Histórico de la Cdad. de México, Centro$ 2.22
FoodCafé De Tacuba - C. de Tacuba 28, Centro Histórico de la Cdad. de México, Centro$ 12.83
FoodEl Cardenal - C. de la Palma 23, Centro Histórico de la Cdad. de México, Centro$ 69.17
FoodCírculo Mexicano - Hotel Rooftop - República de Guatemala #20, Centro Histórico de la Cdad. de México, Centro$ 40.25
FoodPrime Steak Club - Ángel De La Independencia - Av. P.º de la Reforma 333$ 90.56
TransportationUber to and from Dinner and Hotel$ 12.00
10/2/2023FoodMexico CityHotel Restaurant Breakfast$ 50.17
MondayFoodHotel Restaurant Lunch$ 15.00
TransportationCity Ciclo-Taxi Ride$ 8.33
FoodDinner - Hong King - China Town - Calle Dolores 25 Local A$ 47.61
10/3/2023Hotel1:00 PMMexico CityCheck out of Hotel
TuesdayFoodHotel Restaurant Breakfast$ 33.61
TransportationUber to and from Chapultepec Castle$ 15.00
ActivitiesTickets to Chapultepec Castle - Bosque de Chapultepec I Secc, Miguel Hidalgo, 11580$ 10.00
FoodSalon Familiar La Mascota Cantina - Mesones 20, Centro Histórico de la Cdad. de México$ 36.00
TransportationCuernavacaPrivate Car to Cuernavaca - Requested via Hotel$ 73.33
HotelCuernavacaHotel: Fiesta Americana Hacienda San Antonio El Puente Cuernavaca
HotelReservation: 1234567 - 5 Nights$ 1,058.59
FoodHotel Restaurant Dinner$ 65.00
10/4/2023Activities9:00 AMTepoztlanDay Trip to Town
WednesdayFoodHotel Restaurant Breakfast$ 32.94
FoodLa Colorina - Santisima Trinidad, 62520 Tepoztlán, Morelos$ 27.78
ShoppingCasa Chinelín - Mexican Art - Del Tepozteco # 47, La Santísima, 62520 Tepoztlán$ 127.78
TransportationGroup transportation to and from the city was coordinated and paid for by the Wedding Party
10/5/2023Activities9:00 AMTaxcoDay Trip to Town
ThursdayFoodHotel Restaurant Breakfast$ 55.61
FoodHotel Starbucks and Water$ 7.72
ShoppingStreet Vendor - Taxco Magnet Purchase$ 3.89
ShoppingTaxco Silver Jewlery Spend$ 749.11
FoodRestaurante Bar Pizza Acerto - Plaza Borda 12, Centro, 40200 Taxco$ 47.61
TransportationGroup transportation to and from the city was coordinated was Part of Wedding Events
FoodHotel Restaurant Dinner$ 48.62
10/6/2023Activities5:00 PMCuernavacaAt Hotel Resort All Day
FridayFoodBreakfast at Hotel Restaurant$ 36.80
FoodSnacks by the Pool$ 35.13
FoodDinner Part of Wedding Events
FoodLate Night food and drinks at hotel restaurant$ 46.32
10/7/2023Activities3:00 PMCuernavacaAt Hotel Resort All Day
SaturdayFoodBreakfast at Hotel$ 38.40
ActivitiesLydia Spa Services - Facial, Body Scrub and Massage$ 211.76
FoodHotel Coffee Bar$ 25.56
ActivitiesWedding Event and Dinner
10/8/2023Food9:30 AMCuernavacaBreakfast at Hotel Restaurant$ 60.67
SundayHotelCuernavacaCheck out of Hotel
TransportationNoonCuernavacaPrivate Taxi to Mexico City - Same Hotel Recommended Driver$ 100.00
Flights3:00 PMMexico CityAEROMEXICO Flight Number AM 123 - Confirmation #ABCDE$ 331.26
Flights2.5 hrs
*EST6:30 PMCancunArrival in Cancun
Transportation7:20 PMCancunADO Bus - Purchase at Station or via ADO App$ 25.00
Bus from Airport to to Playa Del Carmen - Every 30 minutes
Hotel3:00 PMPlaya Del CarmenThe Fives Downtown Hotel & Residences, Curio Collection by Hilton$ 545.00
HotelConfirmation #1234567 - 3 Nights
HotelAvenida 10 Norte Calle 2
HotelPlaya del Carmen ROO 77710 MX
FoodLate Dinner - Los Tapetes Restaurante - Quinta Avenida, Centro, 77710 Playa del Carmen$ 78.61
10/9/2023ActivitiesPlaya Del CarmenXcaret Park - with coupon - WELCOMEXX - includes Lunch and Show Dinner$ 443.00
MondayFoodPark Concessions - Paletas - Coconut$ 6.56
TransportationTaxi to and From Xcaret and Hotel$ 42.78
10/10/2023FoodPlaya Del CarmenHotel Included Breakfast
TuesdayFoodAldo's Gelato - many locations in Playa del Carmen$ 15.28
ShoppingShopping - Street Vendors - Fifth Avenue's three-mile stretch of pedestrian walkway$ 22.67
FoodHotel - Marley Coffee Bar$ 6.11
FoodHotel - Rooftop Bar and Restaurantm for Lunch$ 59.44
FoodQuinta Alegría Shopping Mall - Starbucks$ 12.33
ActivitiesQuinta Alegría Shopping Mall - F1 Experience$ 60.00
FoodTrattoria del Centro - Calle 26, entre avenida 10 y avenida 5, Quintas del Carmen, Gonzalo Guerrero$ 16.67
10/11/2023Hotel12:00 PMPlaya Del CarmenCheck out of Hotel
WednesdayFoodBreakfast - Los Tapetes Restaurante - Quinta Avenida, Centro, 77710 Playa del Carmen$ 69.67
Transportation12:30 PMPlaya Del CarmenADO Bus - Purchase at Station or via ADO App$ 25.00
Bus from Playa Del Carmer to Cancun Airport - Every 30 minutes
Flights2:02 PMCancunSpirit Airlines - CONFIRMATION CODE ABCED$ 320.60
Flights2 hrsAirport Starbucks$ 14.11
*Daylight Sav.5:02 PMOrlando
TransportationTampaTravel to Tampa - Long Term Parking During Trip$ 120.00
FoodChick-fil-a on the way home$ 29.83