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History Tours in Tulsa Oklahoma

This weekend I took a quick trip to Tulsa Oklahoma! I have never been to Tulsa and had the misconception that it would be a Midwest city with not a lot going on. I am so happy I was wrong. 
The restaurants were diverse and delicious. The city's vibe was youthful, I was pleasantly surprised and would love to go back!

Here's a breakdown of where we stayed, what we did and what we ate.

Hotels - we stayed at the DoubleTree Hilton in downtown. I picked this location so I would be close to the wedding I was attending and because the hotel had a shuttle service.

We save over $100 by using the hotels free shuttle to pick us up and take us to and from the airport AND anywhere within a 3-mile radius of the hotel. We even used the free service to get to and from the wedding, for free! 

Flights - I had a hard time with the flights for this trip, Flights were half the cost of our entire trip! I was able to get $150 in credits on Southwest with re-booking savings but that brought us to the $779.94 total. 

When I was looking for flight routes and airlines, I found that a budget airline was starting seasonal service in October so cheaper flights are available depending on the time of year. 

Black Wall Street History Tour - Since we were coming to Tulsa, I wanted to learn more about Greenwood, Tulsa Colorado and the cities Black History. We were lucky enough to have a descendent of survivors of the Black Wall Street Massacre give us a tour and educate us on the history of the town. I cannot recommend this tour and I am so happy that the history was available for us to learn. 

Food - I loved everything that we ate. They city wasn't really busy so we had no wait getting in even on a Saturday and Sunday for Brunch. In every restaurant the staff we also so kind. I will be coming pack to these spots the next time we visit! 
  • Rosa - Mexican restaurant - drinks were on point. 
  • Fixins - Southern style restaurant - was one of my top 10 brunches, food was fresh and seasoned very well.
  • Que Gusto - Ecuadorian empanada restaurant - loved all of their authentic food items.  
  • Topeka Coffee - high quality coffee with great coffee creations. They have a few locations across Tulsa. They had an amazing coffee class when we walked in, I totally eves-dropped and got some great tips!  

I really wanted to visit the Gathering Place Park, but we just didn't have time. This is a nationally awarded park in the city limits of Tulsa that has a ton of trails, outdoor ponds, activities and parks right next to the river. We will definitely check it out next time we're in Tulsa! 

Happy Travels!