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Travel: Get the Most out of Your PTO

Are you using all of your PTO? You should be! Here are my tips to make the most of your "Out of Office" time.

❇ Use PTO days on a long holiday weekend - this will extend your holiday and you might find better travel deals since you will not be traveling on the actual holiday. 

❇ Take a long weekend trip - Take a Friday or Monday off for a long weekend! Traveling during the week is cheaper. There should be less travel traffic too.

❇ Travel in the evening - if you can grab an evening direct flight, you'll be able to check into your hotel that evening. This will give you a travel day without using PTO.

❇ Work WHILE you travel - many planes and trains offer included WIFI. Take advantage of a long travel day by using WIFI to keep working the whole time - No PTO needed.

❇ WFM in a new city! - travel on the weekends then work during the day and explore the city at night. This is a great way to have a long trip without needing to use any PTO.

❇ Use all of your PTO, even your volunteer PTO days - PTO is there for you to use, or you'll lose it. No one uses their volunteer PTO days, you should! the rules don't say where the charity has to be.

How much PTO time do you have for the rest of the year? and where are you going to spend it? 

Happy Travels!