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Finding the RIGHT Travel Reward Programs

I wish I knew earlier how easy it is to get travel points! Here's my guide to finding the right travel rewards program and how I bag as many points as possible! 

❈ Pick Your Program
There are so many programs to pick from that center around a hotel brand, airline or credit card. I picked one that allowed me to get points from using a hotel and credit card, Hilton & Amex! I picked this combo so I could get points easily even when I am not traveling. Picking a well-known program means you'll get more chances to earn points since the larger programs will have more partners! A larger program will also have more ways to spend your points too! Whatever you decide, pick one and stick with it! Your points need to be centralized into one program so they can add up.

❈ Research Earning Opportunities
Do your research on the different ways you can get points! even reach out to customer service and ask how you can earn points and get extra ones. Some programs partner with rideshares and even restaurants to apply your spending to your points program. Also check for point transfers, where you earn points with another program, but you can transfer them into your main rewards program. #consolidate

❈ Check-In on Your Progress
Keep track of the benchmarks you want to hit and check-in on them! If you are not sure how close you are, reach out to customer service and ask. Set calendar reminders to check in on your progress. I am working towards a spend benchmark to get a free night hotel night. I need to hit the benchmark by the end of the year, so I check in on my progress every quarter. 

Hope these tips help you grab those points! Happy Travels!