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How to Keep Costs Low on Budget Airlines

Tired of expensive flights? Use these flight savings hacks to save big on flights! Make your vacation dreams a reality and save big on your next trip!

For airlines that allow no change fees, save money by re-booking the same flight but cheaper! 
  • After you book your flight - keep an eye on the price of the flights with a webpage on your computer or on your phone. 
  • Keep an eye on flight prices with: 
    • Flight Price Trackers 
    • Use the webpage for ease of refreshing the page without having to put into the flight details.
  • If your flight price drops, use the change flight feature! Select "Change" flight to see the credit you'd get when you re-book, even when you select the same flight! 
    • You can also check rates by going through the "change" flight process below BUT selecting cancel if the price didn't drop.
  • Confirm your selection and see the credit applied when you check out.
  • In your account, check your saved credits to use on a future flight!

I love that budget airlines allows you to buy everything separately - so I save money checking bags or picking seats. If you are flying with a buddy just book your tickets together and you'll usually get seats together. Some flights are not even full, and the attendants will often let you change seats after everyone boards. 

Make sure you are also signed up to get promotional emails from the budget airlines and have a rewards account with them! The points will add up and if you can be a flexible traveler, you will be able to take advantage of great flight deals! 

Plan that trip! Happy Traveling!