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Blog Work: Updating your Overflow Page List

I have been working on the mobile view of my blog. I wanted a more intuitive look to my Page List, it overflows when viewing by blog on mobile - so I updated the "More.." to a better name! "Lyd's Blog Pages"
If you blog is on Blogger like mine - follow the steps below to do this for yourself
  • You will go into the "Theme" page of managing your blog 
  • In the customize dropdown, select "Edit HTML"
  • Once you are in your HTML page, go to the section for your Page Lists
  • Then find the snipit of code for the overflow button on the Page List 
    • Pictured above 
    • <a><data:messages.moreEllipsis/><?a>
    • This is the part of code that enters the test for that overflow button 
  • Change this text to what you want it to say instead!
    • Pictured above 
  • Now when you view my blog in mobile - the overflow of the page list will not be generic! 
    • Pictured below 
I hope this help your blog feel more abit more personalized! Happy Blogging!