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Lyd Explains: Basic Weather Emergency Prep

Hurricane Season is upon us! So I wanted to share an emergency prep post. Hurricane season in the southern US is June to November and I always like to refresh my supplies for the new season.

Natural Emergency Prep is stocking up your home for a hurricane or winter storm, really anything that could stop you from leaving your home for days or even a few weeks. 

Below are links to government weather information: 

When there is a warning, decide if you are going to stay or evacuate:

  • How at risk are you at your home - flood and utility loss risk
  • Research and consider local shelter access/procedures and pet care 
  • Decide where you would go to evacuate and how you'd get there and back home - especially the costs associated (gas and lodging)
  • Plan what the minimum items you are taking and how you will transport them easily
    • Food, water, shelter items, pet supplies, documents 
Stock Up On Supplies: it's best to have these things at all times to avoid the shopping rush when there are storm warnings 
  • Collect enough supplies for your family for 2 weeks minimum 
    • Food, Sanitary Products & Water 
      • Canned and dry goods, pet food, hot plate/gas or coal grill - always have on hand 
        • all groups breakfast, canned milk, meat, veggies, soup, crackers etc.
      • Paper products (eating, cooking, cleaning, esp. baby wipes), toiletries, garbage bags, bug spray, 
      • Home water filter and collapsible 5-gallon water containers - fill a day ahead of disaster
    • First aid and medical considerations 
      • Necessary medication - consider refrigerated medication 
      • First aid kit and book - HSA eligible 
    • Power & Communication 
      • Power bank, solar panels, small solar lights 
      • Flashlights/lanterns and batteries 
      • Matches and candles/tea lights 
      • Generator - compact ones that can use multiple fuel sources are worth it!
    • Additional Notes
      • Important documents in an easy to access binder (passports/birth certificates etc.) 

Florida Tax Holidays: use tax holidays to save on supplies, shopping for shelf goods at discount or wholesale stores also helps 

Below I have some links to the supplies that I couldn't live without! Thanks for reading and Good Luck in your Natural Emergency Prep!!

Amazon Affiliated Links to Products in my Emergency Kit: 

Large Battery Bank - Solar Connections

Portable Batter Bank and Solar Charger

HSA and FSA Eligible First Aid Kit

Collapsible Water Containers

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases via the links above - Thank you!! 


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