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Recipe: Homemade Bone Broth

This week I sat and though about my health and eating habits. In the last few months I’ve made great strides in managing my portion control and carb intake. I’m very proud of the steps I’ve made to become a healthier eater! 

Today I’ve decided to incorporate bone broth into my diet for a few weeks, just to try it out by eating it for breakfast. At the store I see 2 cups of bone broth going for about $7 a package and thought I can do better. 

My steps are below! I hope they inspire you to make your own as well! 

I bought 6 beef soup bone chucks with marrow for 7$, with carrots, onion, celery and my favorite seasonings. I roasted this at 350F for an hour then boiled all the goods for 2 hours with 10 cups of water. After straining the solids out I let the stock simmer till it reduced by 1/2. Then you have 5 cups of bone broth for under 10$! I store it frozen in giant cubes so easy portions are ready when I want them, Enjoy!