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Lyd Explains: Caring for your Nails

Women in my family have always had beautify long natural nails. I'll share how I've taken care to get my own!  Once I stopped biting them in high school, I vowed to take care of them and grow them out consistently. Since taking care of your nails can be a bit of work I wanted to share my routine so you can too!

Active Care: 
- Every day I wash my nails (clean underneath them) and moisturize my hands thoroughly.
- Each week I remove and sand down any hang nails so they my nails don't catch on anything and break. I use a set of cutters, medium grit of nail files and a buffer block. I also seal them with a few topcoats of clear high-quality polish for the week. I prefer Sally Hansens line. 
- Every week I also scrub my hands and rub castor oil into my nails and beds, usually after I get out of the shower. Over just 2 weeks it has made a noticeable difference in the strength of my nails! You can use it all over so I got a 20 oz bottle for $10 online and I keep it in the shower.

Sustainable Nail Shape: 
There are many different shapes you can file your nails into. I prefer square/oval. The shape your nails grow into will also determine the shape your nail will be able to sustain. Since my nails curve down a good bit on the sides I think the square/oval shape works best for me.

Minimize Damage:
- To minimize wear on them I don't paint my nails on a regular basis. 
- I also never use my nails directly to do or open anything. Use your finger pads or something else!
- If I paint my nails, I use the UV gel nail stickers, I put a clear coat down before I apply them so that when I remove them, they don't damage my nails. I also use these to protect my nails as they grow out! 

These tips have helped me grow strong nails over the last few months. I am currently trying to see how long I can grow them out! I'll keep you posted!

Thanks for reading!