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Travel: Tampa, FL - Ybor Cigar Heritage Festival

This weekend is the Ybor City Cigar Heritage Festival!! on Sunday Dec 4th, 2022. 

This is the first one since 2019 and we are so excited it's back! There are amazing Latin food vendors, local artists, live band and of course great local cigar businesses. 

Tickets range from Free to many levels of VIP packages - I got my free tickets directly from their website here. Once I got the confirmation in me email, I added my tickets to my apple wallet. 

For the day of the event, I'll be bringing a sunhat, plenty of sunscreen and a lawn chair because festivals are commonly low on seating options. I'll of course be bringing my cigar lighter and punch too.

Photos from 2019:

Many food vendors, mostly Latin food, drinks and desserts
Many food vendors, mostly Latin,
Drinks and Desserts
Favorite festival drink,
lemonade with 1/2 the sugar 

Love root beer floats,
especially with cigars
The festival has great
 shopping for cigar accessories 

Review and Photos from 2022: 

My Mum and I had a nice time at the festival this year! even with the free registered for general admission. The festival made huge changes to the format this year, 1/2 the park was VIP area (with some included food and drinks). There were minimal food and drink vendors for general admission (maybe 3 total, they were good but limited), this was disappointing because we wanted to eat and hang out there longer. I was so happy to see more cigar vendors, 2 sides of the park dedicated to them. So happy to see this festival back in action! Will definitely be back next year!

Love the buildings and
history of Ybor
There's always
time for a cigar!

Don't forget to bring your own chairs!


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