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Travel: Pittsburgh,PA - Carnegie Library

Since I moved to Pittsburgh in 2015 it has been on my list to got to the Carnegie Library in Oakland!

This year I made it a goal to get a Carnegie Library card and explore some of the free services they offer. I know we have great libraries in Pittsburgh but I had no idea what they offer.

My friend and I took a tour of the main library in Oakland - is was a perfect way to learn about the libraries history, how to navigate it and the services and resources they have.

My favorite part of the tour was learning about the history of the library, how and when it was built (1895) and how it has changed through the decades. It was also great to see all of the historic photos they have of the library and surrounding land.

The photo below is of a one of the larger vaulted rooms in the library and it is said that the centers of the molding once held windows that were then covered during WW2 to not attract attention from above. The tour also took us to the room that was later added above the ceiling in this room when modern air and heating was added to the library.

The resources we learned about were endless. You can rent books, movies, instruments even computers and cameras. With your library card you also have access to audio books online. I am most excited for their language resources. They offer free language conversation meetings. I stepped up my french learning so I'm excited to use it at one of the classes.

They even have trainings on different skills and arts. I learned about these because I was looking for volunteering opportunities and found the library close to me was looking for career training volunteers so I signed up! I was in awe of all the different training opportunities they offer at the more than 15 libraries they have over Pittsburgh.

Please take the tour on a Sunday for a few hours! It was amazing to learn so much about the past of the library and how it continues to be a great asset to Pittsburgh today!

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