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Lyd Explains: Fall Closet Clean Out

In the Fall I love to refresh my closet. It gives me a chance to donate what I didn't wear this summer and become re-acquainted with my sweaters and boots.

Today I am sharing my Top 7 Closet Refresh tips so you can prep for fall too!

7 Tips to Refreshing your Closet for Fall:
- Do a closet refresh when some of your clothes are in the laundry, you'll have less to look through.
- If you didn't wear a summer item then donate it, unless you can wear it in the winter too #layers
- If you haven't worn an everyday item in a year then donate it
- Bring your fall items to the front of your closet for easy access
- Also go through your shoes, socks (pitch those no-matches), underwear and even accessories
- Don't donate anything gross..... you know what I mean. If you wouldn't want to be seen in it then just throw it away.
- Find something interesting you forgot about, put it up front or on the inside of the closet door so you are reminded to wear it.

I hope these tips help you get ready for Fall! Thanks for reading!