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Craft: Fall Decorations

I finally decorated my apartment for Fall! Some garland, gourds and contact paper to change up my fireplace went a long way. I had such a great time decorating my mantle and entertainment center, I wanted to share the steps I took and materials I used.

For about $120 I purchased 7 strands of fall garland, 2 sets of string lights (15 ft and 30 ft), a fall wreath, filler items like gourds and pumpkins and some colorful bunches of flowers to add a pop of color. Also grab a few wall hooks. I made sure I went to the craft store when fall decor was on sale and also used coupons. Though I didn't enjoy spending +$100, at least I will be able to use these decorations every year with slight additions if needed!

I started by putting wall hooks at the top corners and center of the mantel to hold the garland. The top of the mantel gets 2 strands intertwined, the ledge gets 1 strand and the sides get a strand on each side bent in half. The entertainment center also gets 2 strands intertwined.

Then place your string lights around evenly. Don't forget to disburse your filler items too! I got a bag of mini gourds, 2 birch pumpkins, an adorable fox and some hedgehogs! Lastly, I cut the flowers off the stalks of the colorful bunches, so then can be little pops of color. I chose light blue, dark blue and cream.


On my fireplace is a green marble tile... I am not a fan. So I covered it with fake tiles of contact paper with brown leather tape in between for effect! I was so surprised how much of a difference it made. Don't forget to pickup a plastic smoother, ruler and exacto knife and some cleaner to clean your tile before applying.


On my entertainment center I already had color changing LEDs so I just put them on orange to match. Found them on amazon! The string lights usually come with a timer option of 4 hours. I love using it so my light automatically come on around 6pm and then go off at 11.

No turn on those lights and enjoy the fall ambiance! I hope you and your friends enjoy the fall decor as much as I do, Happy Fall!