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Recipes: Liquid Flavor Extracts

Finished Liquid Coffee Extract!

Today I want to share my baking hack of home made liquid flavor extracts. Liquid flavor extracts are one of the more expensive food ingredients, for about 10$ or more for only tablespoons.

Making your own allows you to make your favorites and create new ones! Liquid flavor extracts are great to use for baking and even in your cocktail creations.

We will cover what flavor extracts are, what they are used for and how you can create your own using vodka.

What is a flavor extract? Is a medium (liquid) that contains the flavor of an ingredient. By infusing the ingredient into the medium you can apply the medium in more ways than the original ingredient could be used.

Instead of adding orange peels or the fruit to a recipe, add the flavor of the orange with orange extract into the recipe instead!

How to make your own:
I use a basic part-to-part ratio when making extracts and this is only a guide, no exact measurements needed here.

Let your extract blend sit for weeks
to infuse the flavor into your vodka

Carefully strain the solids
 from your liquid extract 
- Liquid Extracts -
      Materials: Glass airtight container and fine mesh cheese cloth or coffee filter
      Ingredients: 1 cup medium to high quality vodka to 1/2 base
      My favorite bases: ground coffee, baking spices and vanilla beans (about 4 cut to fit under the fluid line)
      When making your extract put all ingredients into your jar and leave in a cool, dry, dark place for 3 to 6 weeks. Then strain your solids out of your extract. Store your extract in an airtight container.

Thanks for reading. Comment below about the extracts you made!


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