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Lyd's Life Skills Workshops

In Lyd’s Life Skills Workshops, we will build your life skills in self-sufficiency, in a safe space to ask questions and learn. I provide the basics and complete the activities with you, teaching you along the way.

  • Training is given in a way that is easy to use, retain and share
  • Class topics are presented pre class so you can choose where you want to focus the workshop
  • Check out the workshop topics below! 

Online Workshops on your schedule! Via Web Call (Zoom/Facetime) I also do group sessions at bulk rates!

  • Travel & Date Planning - Cost: below per person per hour session 
    • $40 General Planning Workshop 
    • $55 Let's plan your specific trip or date 
  • Intro to Analytics - Cost: $75 - $200 per person per hour session 
    • Cost depending on the topics covered and level of analytics 
  • Spend Awareness - Cost: $25 per person per hour session 
  • Grocery Shopping - Cost: $25 per person per hour session 

Workshops are paid via secure payment apps: Paypal, Venmo, CashApp and Zelle are accepted

Sign-up for a Personal Workshop via this Google Form! Workshop Sign-ups!

For the Travel and Date Planning Workshop: We'll use these Worksheets!

In the Spend Awareness Workshop: We'll use this Worksheet! 

In the Grocery Shopping Workshop: We'll use this Worksheet!