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Recipe: Decorated Sugar Cookies

I love making sugar cookies for an occasion! Not only are they very relaxing to decorate but it is also easy to get creative with shapes, colors and sprinkles.

I like to make my cookies over 2 days. A day to make the dough, bake the cookies and prep the icing. The other to mix the colors and decorate. I have found that doing it all in one day can be done but it is a long day, especially if you are getting fancy in decorating them!

Below are photos of some of the cookies I have done this year! For Fall, Halloween and Christmas. The day before I bake I like to look across the internet for festive decoration ideas, they are endless!

In the link below is my recipe for sugar cookies and royal icing for you to view, download and print via google docs. Below are some photos from past holiday baking to give you some ideas!
Happy Baking!

Sugar Cookie and Royal Icing Recipe