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Lyd Explains: Dating Apps

I am not here to offer dating advice..... I'm here to share some online dating rules and how I've seen people navigate the online dating space! I hope these tips will help you jump in and weed through some of the mess that is online dating! 

What to look for in a dating app:
- Large pool of people - picking a popular or established app can give you a better chance of meeting someone because of a larger pool 
- Free to use %100 - It should be free to see, match and chat with people. There are so many better things to spend your money food and travel.

Managing Expectations:
Dating apps are a way to find someone you normally wouldn't bump into. But keep in mind, it will be difficult to find someone if an app is your only way of meeting people. Still attend social events regularly, the best way to meet someone is meeting them doing something you like to do.

It can be easy to put too much weight on someone's profile. Keep in mind you are only seeing 25% of someone's personality, their profile is just a preview. Also cut people some slack, not everyone's a selfie queen.

Selecting a Dating App:
- Use an app that says here is everyone that meets your criteria and lets "you do you" - you pick who you want to talk to and take interest in at your pace
- You are going to see exs, neighbors and co-workers (shudder) but you are also going to see a lot of people you'd never run into. Take the time to sift out the good ones.

How to Build your Profile:
State what you're looking for relationship wise, generally who you are and what you want in a partner. Don't write a novel but give just enough to also give some talking points when you chat.
4 photos total, 1 full length photo and minimal selfies. Pick photos to show your interests. 

Top Rules:
#1 if you're interested in someone meet within the week. Meeting casually in person you'll get a much better feel if you are interested in someone in person than you would ever via text.
#2 if you are not interested in someone politely let them know. 
Here's a sample message: "I've enjoyed talking to you but I don't think that we are a good match for each other. All the best" Yes it's an awkward message, no matter how you write it, it's going to be. Just rip the band-aid off and be respectful. #NoGhosting 

Thanks for reading! I hope this post helps you supplement some of your dating life! May the odds be ever in your favor.