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Craft: Full Length Skirt

One of my favorite simple sewing projects is a full length skirt. I love making them for costumes or just to incorporate a fun fabric into my wardrobe. It is also a simple project I can practice my sewing skills on too!

I like a full voluminous skirt with pleats so I use 4 yards of fabric that has a width of at least the planned full length of the skirt. So you want to use a bolt height that is 1/2 the planned length of the skirt since the fabric is folded over on the bolt.

Step 1: Plan out the pleats

Since the fabric is already the length needed, pinned the fabric around the form to plan and measure out the pleats evenly. I start in the back then work my way around.

When planning the pleats I like to use a lot of fabric and do a lot of overlapping pleats so the skirt is very full. Use a ruler to make sure the pleats are even in width.

I have the fabric evenly overlap 2 inches so that there is enough fabric for the zipper. When the zipper is put in a take an inch from each side.

Step 2: Sew the pleats down 
About 1/2 inch from the edge of the fabric sew a single line to secure the pleats

Step 3: Sew the waistband in
Cut a piece of fabric 2 times as high, plus 2 inches, as you want the waist band to be and the width of the skirt. This will be the fabric for the waist band.

I sew the waist band strip to the inside side of the dress, dull side of the fabric showing. Then the band can be folded over to the outside of the dress and fold the edge inside creating a clean band with no edges showing.

I then sewed down the edges on the top and bottom of the waistband.

Step 4: Close the skirt and add the zipper

Close up the skirt up the the point where the zipper should be added. I like to use 12 inch zippers for skirts.
Fold in the edges of the fabric and over lay each side over each side of the zipper. I like to have the fabric overlap so that the zipper can't be seen as much. Then pin and sew down.

I like to reinforce the stop on the zipper with a few hand stitches to make sure I can't accidentally pull the zipper off the track. 

I also sew a tiny metal clip to the top to secure the 2 sides together.

Step 5: Hem the bottom of the skirt

I do a hem that folds into itself so there are no loose edges of fabric. This can be done with either one or 2 lines of sewing  if you want a wider hem too.

You can also shorten the skirt more if desired. I like a few extra inches on a full length skirt so I can wear heals with it too.

This is such an easy project that can be done in a day and can be made using so many types of fabric for different seasons! Pockets and different waistbands can even be added too!

Thanks for reading! I hope you use this post to make some skirts for yourself!


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