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Lyd Explains: Eggs!

In this post I want to talk about the baking basic: Eggs. We will talk about what is an egg and why they are used so much. I will also share my tips on using eggs in your recipes too!

In the US we consume a lot of eggs. The average American eats 279 eggs per year. In 2017, 92.1 billion eggs were sold in the store.

What is an Egg? An egg contains a yolk made of mostly fat and the white is protein and water, encased in a porous calcium rich shell.

Eggs are magical because they bring together natural enemies, fat and water, and lend this emulsifying ability to recipes they are used in.

Eggs are used so much in baking because their blend of water, protein and fats allows them do do many wonderful things like provide stability, emulsify and add moisture to recipes.

Tips for Using Eggs:
- When using eggs crack them into a separate container before adding them to a recipe. This allows you to pitch a smelly bad egg or remove any shell pieces too.
- The photo above is a "good" and "bad" egg. Eggshells are porous and as time passes air enters the shell. Older eggs have had more time for air to enter, so they float.
- It is easier to peel older eggs vs fresh ones when they are hard boiled
- Use room temperature eggs in recipes. The eggs will mix better into the recipe if they are the same temperature as the other ingredients.

I hope you enjoyed these egg facts and use them to learn how different recipes work! Thanks for reading!

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