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Lyd Explains: Home Ice Cream Maker

My Ice Cream Maker is one of my favorite appliances because I love making frozen treats at home! I use it to make frozen drinks, froze, gelato and any type of ice cream I can think up!

In this post I will share how it works, where I got mine and some tips for when using it for fulfill your frozen treat dreams!

The ice cream maker creates a smooth frozen treat by moving and cooling the mixture at the same time. As the mixture touches the cold sides of the bowl it is scraped from the sides and mixed cooling it down homogeneously (evenly throughout the mixture). This incorporates air and creates a fluid but still frozen mixture. Boom frozen goodness!

The system I use has a bowl that you freeze and the machine mixes and scrapes the mix from the sides. I bought mine for under $60 dollars on sale at Macy's. There are so many types of ice cream makers but for the cost and ease of use I prefer this one.

When using the ice cream maker keep the following in mind:
- Get your mix as cold as possible before mixing. I like to keep my mix in the fridge over night.
- Use an existing ice cream recipe as a guide. A recipe must have enough fat, alcohol or sugar to keep the mix from freezing solid. Starting with an existing recipe will help you keep those proportions in check!
- Place a towel over the top of the ice cream maker when mixing. It will cut down on the sound and help keep the cold air in the machine.
- Keep an eye on your mix as it churns. You will hear the machine "get tired" as the mix thickens.
-When you get the volume you want take your mix out of the maker and finish it in the freezer.

Thanks for reading! Look out for some ice cream maker recipes!


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